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The latest real estate news and luxury insights from Ridgewood and greater Bergen County

Best Restaurants in Ridgewood NJ: Realtor Recommended

They don't call Realtors 'local experts' for nothing. For many Real Estate Agents, being an 'expert' goes beyond knowing the intricacies of the local real estate market. It means being able to provide your expert recommendation on all aspects of a town. What better way to demonstrate our local expertise than sharing our top restaurant recommendations? Here are 8 incredible Ridgewood restaurants that will surely exceed your expectations.*

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Christina Gibbons Group to Present First Time Home Buyer Seminar

Buying your first house is an exciting process. You are finally going to own your first place and start a new chapter in your life! For certain individuals, it means a fresh start or independence.

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Ridgewood Real Estate Market Highlights - 1Q19 vs 1Q18

The Ridgewood real estate market is alive and well. It was a very strong 1Q19 across the board and we are happy to report that 2Q19, the heart of the Spring selling season, is off to a very strong start also.

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Ridgewood Real Estate Maket Highlights - 2018

It’s time to close the books on the Ridgewood real estate market in 2018 and raise a cheer to a prosperous 2019 ahead.

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Ridgewood Real Estate market Highlights - 2018 YTD

The Ridgewood real estate market has held up relatively well thus far in 2018, despite new tax law changes and steadily rising interest rates.

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